Canopy Systems

Canopy systems are used both in commercial and residential applications.    Polyvinyl,  wood (we used Cedar), and aluminum  are products used for the framework.   The top panels are retractable and cabana sides are available too.  Many different solid and striped colored fabrics are available to match your home or business.  Pergola tops add a unique style.  Support posts can be square or round.  Freestanding systems can be added anywhere on your property.  Canopy systems are an interesting option instead of building roofs and permanent additions.   Here are some pictures of the various styles we have installed:

Cedar Canopy System-photo to come.

Canopy System
Canopy System
Canopy System
Canopy retracted
Canopy System with matching privacy fence
Canopy system in an enclosed garden/patio area

We sell and install ShadeTree Retractable Patio & Deck Canopies.