Guard Rail Fence

For your heavy duty corral needs, guard rail with 8″ x 10′ Southern yellow pine posts will provide you with height, strength and long life.

3 Rail Barnyard Fence


By using 10′ posts you are able to have a fence that is 6′ tall while still having enough post left to be installed 4′ into the ground. This particular fence, the ground was soft so the overall height ended up being 5-1/2 feet tall with 4-1/2 feet of post in the ground for a solid foundation.  The posts are also treated for marine application rate.  This means you have 50 percent more preservative in the wood versus regular fence posts.  This provides you with longer life before the posts fail due to rot or decay.

If you think this may work for you, give us a call and we will make an onsite survey to see if this fence is for you!

Green Chain Link Fence In January

Green Chain Link

This is a residential green chain link fence.  It adds some color and is viewed by many as not being as obtrusive as the normal galvanized chain link fence.  With this particular fence, the mild January weather of 2012 allowed to us install this while dressed in T- shirts most of the time while it was being worked on.  Now the lucky dogs that live here will be able to run and have a little more fun!!


Black and brown are also available.

Green Chain link Fence  in  January 2012Greem Chain Link January 2012Green Chain Llink Fence January 2012

Green Chain Link
Installed Janurary 6th, 2012